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October presents a new month and like the start of anything it allows for a fresh start. Firstly due t wanting to give my daughter the best possible chance of achieving her dream, I’ve had to cut back on some expenditure and paying for a running coach was one of them. Want to place on record my thanks for everything JO has done in past year and bit. She got me back to sub 18, helped me recover from my heart attack setback and has been amazing. I’d class her as a friend now but everything has to come to an end at some point.

Moving forward I feel like I know enough now to keep that balance in my training but need to tweak when I run. Sunday’s every other week my daughter races so firstly unless I have a Sunday race, it will now become my rest day. Going to stick to speed work on Tuesday and Saturdays (or parkrun/race), track on a Thursday and then Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be my easy days. For now going to limit my longest run to 10 miles. I don’t need to do more then that. I’m going to play around with what day I do it on so can find what’s best, My current thinking is Monday or Wednesday. Reason is if I do a moderate style speed session on a Tuesday such as a Fartlek or Progression I’m going to be flat out for full session so Monday wouldn’t take too much out of the legs, likewise by doing it on a Wednesday morning I have a over 24 hours from when I finish till my next session on Thursday night.

Depending on other things 9outside of running) I do have two potential races planned this month, firstly the Cheshire 10K a week on Saturday and then the following Sunday the Leeds Abbey Dash. I’ve not do a 10K race since September 2018 but want to get back into racing. I miss the buzz of race day so I’m hoping to get in at least one race a month. Actually saying that I’ve managed that so far this year but so far the only distance has been 5K (or 5000m/parkrun). Good thing is I’m on a sub 18 streak if you include the two I did last year I managed 8 in a row. My next 5K unless I can squeeze a trip to York in to do parkrun is next month when I race the British Masters 5K Champs up at Barrowford. I have looked ahead and potentially got at least 3 other races lined up between now and the end of 2021 but lets see how the next couple of weeks play out.

Training wise I have set myself a challenge to run every street, footpath etc in my home town. I’m going to use my easy runs to achieve this challenge. Going to get myself a street map so can mark of the roads I’ve run on. I managed this morning to cover 6 miles without being more then half a mile from my home. Made the run very interesting and looking forward to seeing how long it takes for me to complete this challenge.

Along with new social media channels and website I also have a new Strava account to log my runs going forward. All can be found in the links in the header and footer.

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